Springfield, Illinois - July 21-24, 2016

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"First Time" DCS VIP Guests

  • Ronnie Arnold, one of the drivers of the 50K Endurance Testing (using pre-production DeLoreans)
  • Stephen Arrington, Author: In DeLorean's Shadow, sole surviving defendant from the DeLorean trial
  • Colleen Booth, personal secretary for John Z. DeLorean (DMC years) from mid-70's to early 80's
  • George Levy, auto journalist who attended the DeLorean Junket for the DeLorean's Initial Release
  • Dr. Giancarlo Perini, Consultant to JZD in the 1970's, liaison between ItalDesign and DMC corporate
  • Michael Scheffe, Construction Coordinator for Back to the Future, Future Consultant for BTTF II

"Returning" DCS VIP Guests

  • Chris Duvall, QAC Parts Manager and Parts POG (Keeper of the Troy QAC Parts Log)
  • Bob Gale, writer and producer of the Back to the Future Trilogy movies
  • Nick Sutton, former DMC Executive, (Employee #16) author of The DeLorean Story
  • Phyllis Sutton, former DMC Secretary, (Employee #21) wife of Nick Sutton
  • Jeff Synor, QAC Engineer and King POG (POG = Looks like a Pig, Works Like a Dog)